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The Best Maskne Fighter on the Shelf

26 August 2020

Pure Aloe Gel with Manuka Honey

Wearing a face mask has become the norm to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other common viruses. Although wearing a mask is helpful and necessary right now, it can lead to skin irritations and acne around the lower half of your face. This skin problem is scientifically known as acne mechanica, but the beauty world has named it ‘maskne’.

You may think this is just another fad buzzword here today and gone tomorrow, but it’s actually a prevalent skin problem. It is causing discomfort and irritation for many individuals. Even the American Academy of Dermatology has released advice on maskne because of COVID-19 and the increase in mask wearing.

The wearing of a face mask can worsen skin issues that already exist. The friction, lack of breathability, humidity from hot breath and trapped dirt and bacteria creates a hotbed for dreaded adult breakouts. Sealing off the lower half of your face for hours upon hours changes the environment your skin is used to.

We have received several messages asking for our advice on how to handle maskne and we want to share our secret weapon to fight it.

The Secret Weapon: Pure Aloe Gel with Manuka Honey

Pure Aloe Gel with Manuka Honey is our potent healing gel that absorbs fast to soothe irritation and promote skin recovery. Using only certified organic ingredients, this tube of maskne magic treats everything from severe acne to random spots, irritations and redness.

This product is made using two powerhouse ingredients Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey. Aloe Vera is known for its essential vitamins and minerals that instigate healing and prevents scarring. Manuka Honey contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to soothe swelling and prevent infection from spreading.

Using this product in the morning before putting the mask on and at night to treat will help soothe your skin irritations and breakouts.

Other ways to fight maskne:

Cleanse Right
Cleansing your skin is the first step to clear skin. Don’t rush this step! With the increase in dirt, grime and bacteria on your face we recommend double cleansing. Click here to learn more: DOUBLE CLEANSING

Wear Breathable Makeup
Reduce the amount of irritants clogging your pores by wearing breathable foundation. We suggest our Aloe Oil-Free Foundation. We have done a full review as to why traditional makeup brands clog your pores and stifle your skin: BREATHABLE MAKEUP

Wash Your Mask
Wash your cloth masks frequently, after every use! Also, disposable masks are only intended to be worn up to 4 hours at a time. Change disposable masks while you work to minimise bacteria.

Use a gentle exfoliator 2-3 times a week to clear your pores of dirt and bacteria. Once you exfoliate apply your normal hydrating and moisturising products. Exfoliating first will allow your skin to be deeply hydrated and nourished. Looking for a gentle exfoliator? Our Infiniti Facial Scrub with AHA’s is a micro exfoliation cream perfect for a gentle exfoliation. Learn about this product here: MICRO EXFOLIATION

Keep Your Hands Away
Minimise contact with your face mask. Just like we know not to touch our face because it spreads bacteria, the same rule applies… Don’t touch your face mask!

Prevent Maskne
Why not prevent maskne before it even happens? Apply vital skin oils during the day to create a natural barrier will prevent maskne. One of our customers found this helped her: “I’m excited to report that after 2 weeks of including the Vital Skin Oils into my skincare routine, my skin has not reacted to wearing a mask! I’ve been wearing medical grade masks for 6-8 hours a day.

If I wasn’t using the Vital Skin Oils, I have no doubt my skin would have been burning and itching. Thanks Grace!” - Robyn O’Brien

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