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Double Cleanse for Healthy Skin

7 July 2020

If you aren’t doing it yet, read this!

Double cleansing has become a trending topic in the beauty world, but is it really worth all the hype or is it a dying craze? We are here to tell you, double cleansing is here to stay!

Simply put… two times the work, twice the benefit! But there is more to it than the name suggests. There are a few things we need to cover: What is it? What products? When to do it? How to do it?

What is it?

The name may give this one away… you wash your face twice! Make-up, dirt and sweat residue build up and sometimes it’s necessary to double cleanse to really give your skin a complete reset.

It seems double cleansing has double the benefits. It’s known to help treat troubled skin, like acne, as keeping your skin clear from infection is a big part of the healing process. Also, super clean pores help the other products you use in your routine sink deeper into your skin. Who doesn’t want their serums and moisturisers working harder?!

What products should I use?

We recommend using the Aloe Deep Cleanser first, followed by the Aloe Foaming Cleanser and here’s why… Oil breaks down oil! After a big day with a face full of makeup, a gym sweat sesh, a day in the sun or all of the above, your face needs a good cleanse. An oil-based cleanser, like Aloe Deep Cleanser, draws out excess oils, impurities and dissolves hard to remove makeup, SPF and dirt. Voila your skin is clean! Right…? Well surfacely, it is!

But because the cleanser was busy removing everything on the surface of the skin, its may not have fully cleansed the pores. That’s why double cleansing is just so good, it gets down deep! Use the Aloe Foaming Cleanser second to cleanse the pores and prevent buildup that cause congestion and breakouts! This step will also keep your pores minimised and your skin bright.

When do I do it?

This is important! Over cleansing can cause you to strip precious oils your skin needs to be at its healthiest. Because of this, we only recommend double cleansing at night or anytime your skin has more impurities than normal - sweat, sunscreen, makeup or dirt. You can skip a morning double cleanse! In the morning, your skin just needs a gentle cleanse to reset and prep your skin for your routine. Listen to your skin and give it what it needs!

How to do it?

Here’s the double cleanse rundown:

Step 1: Apply Aloe Deep Cleanser all over your dry face. No need to add water yet! Just work the balm into the skin and turn into a silky oil. For 60 seconds massage the Aloe Deep Cleanser into the skin.

Step 2: Remove with a warm, wet face cloth.

Step 3: Get out your second cleanser, Aloe Foaming Cleanser! With damp skin and using water, massage the product into your skin for 60 seconds.

Step 4: Rinse your skin with warm water and pat dry.

Step 5: Continue with the rest of your regime as per normal!

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